Hetero Fellows Lance and Torque Pummel (Guy Fuckpole)

- 8:06
After theyve undressed off their tee-shirts, Torque smooches his way down Lances pecs. Lance gets down on all fours and Torque bowls his nutsack while deepthroating his heterosexual guy pecker, which stiffens up pretty prompt. Torque smooches his way back up from Lances pink cigar to his jaws. Then Lance showcases that hes not at all squeamish about blowing Torque and they slide into a sixty nine. When Lances trouser snake is about as solid as its going to get, Torque spurts back to his knees to deep-throat it, while jacking himself off. Torque is prepped for Lance to ravage him and so Lance takes him rear end fashion. When Torque flips over onto his back, Lance keeps fucking. Lance bashes the spot and Torque drains himself off, spilling a constant explosion of jism, and slurping it off his own thumbs. Lance then gets on all fours over Torque to drizzle an heavy sack of babymakers. Torque has never stopped masturbating off and has another powerful climax. Lance and Torque swap a final jiggly cummy smooch.
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