Travis and Sean Idiot Around

- 8:00
Sean Blake salivates on his forearm for some lubrication and wraps it around his jizz-shotgun. As he gets commenced, the camera zooms in on some muscly footwear encircling him. His right palm is inserted inwards one of those boots hes so fond of. Then his adorable bf, Travis, comes into to help him out. They make out, which gets Sean supah stiff. Sean keeps fapping his manstick and briefly its leaking precum, which Travis tongues up, before drinking his fuckpole. When Travis gets a lil carried away, Sean stiffly reminds him that its his display, so Travis heads back to working on Seans funbag, while Sean strokes and leaks and we get more close-ups. Before long, Sean proclaims hes close and pumps out a discreet flow.
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